FMSM Board Meeting Announcements

The FMSM board met on Wednesday, June 16th, and since there was no opportunity for an election of board members, the board members whose terms were up as of July 1, 2021 were asked if they would be willing to serve another 3-year term. All three consented (Cilla Jones, Cliff and Bell Atwater, and Johnny Hunt), which brings the current number of board members to eight. There is one open position on the FMSM board, so if you are interested in finding out more about this vacancy, please make this known to, who will relay your interest promptly through the proper channels. 

 The 2021 Midland Folk Music Festival (August 26-29) planning is going along very well, save for the reality that COVID has drastically affected our membership numbers. To continue to serve the folk music universe both locally and beyond, it is imperative to rebuild our membership and attract both previous and new attendees and campers to the festival. The financial goal of the festival is just to break even financially, and so, to continue to offer the MFMF each year, we need to both retain past attendees as well as to get the word out more effectively to others who are unaware of how much fun it is to be part of things. Call a friend, e-mail a neighbor, and invite an acquaintance to attend the 2021 festival! Sharing is caring, so be daring and unsparing in declaring without scaring or being overbearing. :-)