Condolences to Dorothy's Family

Dorothy Buzzell of Beaverton has passed away. She was a dulcimer player, and would sit in with JH/S from time to time. FMSM sends its condolences to Dorothy's family, and here is a link to her obituary:

Condolences to Crosscut's Family and Friends

If anyone ever had a double dose of the entertainer gene, it was Crosscut.  FMSM sends its condolences to Crosscut's family and friends.

ODPC 2011 - Archived Footage

I came across this video while plowing through some old files, and since ODPC 2020 is not going to happen, here is 7 minutes worth of ODPC 2011.  -  Hunt

Midland Folk Music Festival 2020 - Cancelled


The Midland Folk Music Festival 
has been cancelled for 2020!