February 26th Mt Haley is ON!

Yes, Midland schools are closed today (2/26/16), but Mt. Haley will take place as scheduled.  A few years ago when we were all in school, it took a lot more than it does today to close schools, huh?  :-)

Get on Board!

Since spring is almost here (don't I wish!), it is time to start thinking about the annual FMSM meeting and picnic!  Of course, included in this topic is the matter of FMSM board elections.  

As is true in the political process, there is no room to complain unless we make our voices heard!  At the least, this means registering to vote (by being a FMSM member), and at a deeper level, considering what each of us can do to make FMSM a better organization.  

Are you in the game, or are you just sitting on the bench?  Please take a moment to think about your part in FMSM.  Each summer, we elect three new board members, and this summer, there is at least one expiring board position that will require a new face and a new voice. 

If you are interested in finding out more about running for one of these board positions, please make this known by sending an e-mail to presidentfmsm@gmail.com.  When everyone is doing what they can do, it keeps FMSM thriving and growing.  When there are too few people carrying too much of the load, things begin to break down and don't function as they should.  Take a few moments to ask yourself "what is my part to play?"