New Jam starting at MI Element Grains & Grounds

We are pleased to announce a new jam is forming! The jam will occur the 4th Friday of the month, beginning October 27th, 2023 from 6 pm - 9 pm MI Element Grains & Grounds at 3124 Jefferson Ave (next to Gilroy's Hardware) in Midland. Acoustic instruments only. No drums please. Bring your own chair or stool. Participants will be in a music circle, each taking a turn. Questions can be directed to Julia Dryzga at 989-687-7328 or Mike Giffin.


Mt. Haley Jamboree

Sadly, the Mt. Haley Jamboree has come to an untimely end.  Mt. Haley was more of an open mic than a true jam session, and FMSM would love to discuss starting it back up with any FMSM member that has an interest in being the point person/sound person for this event.  Contact a board member (e-mails can be found at http://www.folkmusicsociety.org/p/about-us.html ) for more information.  

Second Jam

Meanwhile, the Second Jam has been resurrected as of fall 2022!  This monthly event is held on the second Friday evening of the month at the Baymont Inn, located about 1/3 mile west of Eastman Ave. at 2200 W. Wackerly in Midland.  It is the hotel with the red double-decker bus parked in the parking lot, and is just barely east of the westbound on-ramp to US-10.

The jam is held in the breakfast room right across from the registration desk, and participants are encouraged to bring 5-6 copies of lead sheets with chords and lyrics to pass out to others so they can play and sing along (which is what a jam is)!  You may contact Johnny Hunt at johnnyhunt57@yahoo.com for more information about the Second Jam.