Midland Folk Music Festival

Dates for the 2023 Midland Folk Music Festival are Thursday, August 24th through Sunday, August 28th.  You are certainly welcome to come as soon as Monday, August 21st and set up camp.

No Second Jam at Baymont this week (Friday, 12/9/22)!  SUGAR is playing at Dow Gardens that evening. 

Tri-Cities area friends... tonight (Friday, 11/11/22) from 6-8pm, the Folk Music Society of Midland's 2nd Jam will be held at Baymont Inn on Wackerly (where the red double-decker bus is parked).

Bring your acoustic instrument and 5-6 paper copies of any songs you wish to share, because not everyone can play by ear, and this a jam rather than an open mic. 👌

            From the recent 2022 Midland Folk Music Festival

PLEASE READ THIS NOTE FROM DON MASSELLI: The Midland Folk Festival is always an intense mixture of social and musical experiences. When it ends, I go home with a general sense of being right with the world, tempered with days of sleep deprivation. After this festival, I came home with a bit more--Covid 19! Very special.

The reason I'm sharing this is to warn anyone who may have had contact with me about your risk of exposure. I am pretty I got it between Thursday afternoon and Friday evening and I did not experience symptoms until late Saturday evening. I don't know how viral transmission works or even if I could have passed it on during my initial exposure, but I want people who were around me to be aware that they too could have been exposed. Here's what I did Friday and Saturday, as I remember it:
My songwriter's workshop at 2:00 PM Friday.
Johnny's Beatles singalong Friday
Punch Drunk's 2 chord workshop Saturday
SUGAR pre-show Saturday
That's what I can remember, but there were shorter connections on both those days, too. If you were at any of those and you are feeling a little funny, you should get tested.
Sorry to bring down the level of enthusiasm for the festival, but I think people should be aware of the situation.
And, I'm doing OK so far, a couple more days without emptying the dishwasher and I'll be better.