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Are You an FMSM Member?

Please take a few minutes to read this note and why it is important to support FMSM... If you're like me, when you see a message like this, your first question is “what's in it for me?” And although there are individual benefits to becoming a Folk Music Society of Midland member, such as an admission discount at the Midland Folk Music Festival, a quarterly newsletter either mailed or e-mailed to you, and maybe a discount at a local merchant or two, the real question to ask is “how are all the FMSM events that I enjoy funded?” One of the major sources of the funding of FMSM activities is your membership dues. There are many expenses that you may not even be aware of that are necessary to keep FMSM running. There is liability insurance, BMI fees to use copyrighted songs at our events, sound equipment to maintain and replace, community relations costs to publicize our group's activities, an annual business meeting and picnic to put on, and an incredible number of expenses to put on our annual Midland Folk Music Festival that admission charges and camping fees don't completely cover. I would urge you to consider how inexpensive it really is to support these and many other FMSM activities that you enjoy. An annual individual membership is just $12, and an annual family membership is only $18. That is a dollar or two a month to help keep the programs that you enjoy funded. Ask for a FMSM membership form or download and return the membership form found under the "Join" tab, along with a check made out to Folk Music Society of Midland to the address listed, and get on board! Thanks for your support.

The last weekend of March, 2015...

Word on the street is that there is a big surprise in store at the Mt. Haley Jamboree Friday night (3-27-15), and that it has nothing whatsoever to do with the Easter Bunny! Come check it out... And then, JH/S is at Chippewa Nature Center on Saturday (3-28-15) from 1 til 4pm, and the Traditional Dancers meet at the Midland Community Center at 7:30 that evening. Who says that FMSM doesn't have it all going on!

Second week of March, 2015

Tuesday, 3/10/15 - JH/S practices at Zion Beaver at 1pm. Wednesday, 3/11/15 - FMSM board meeting at Grace Dow Library (downstairs) at 6:30pm. Thursday, 3/12/15 - SUGAR plays at Bickford Assisted Living in Saginaw at 10:30am. Friday, 3/13/15 - Second Jam at Midland Free Methodist Church, 5821 Eastman Rd. at 7pm is still ON! Friday, 3/13/15 and Saturday, 3/14/15 - WASSUP! ukulele festival at MFMC Saturday, 3/14/15 - Traditional Dance - Midland Community Center at 7:30pm.

Last week of February 2015 events

Tuesday, Feb. 24 - Jolly Hammers Practice 1:00--4:00, Zion (Beaver) Church Basement Friday, Feb. 27 - Mt. Haley Jamboree 7-10pm, Mt. Haley Twp. Hall, SW corner of Freeland and Homer Rds. Saturday, Feb. 28 -Jolly Hammers play at Chippewa Nature Center 1:00 --4:00, 400 S. Badour Road, Midland Saturday, Feb. 28 - Traditional Dance at Midland Community Center, 7:30-10 pm, Jefferson at George, Midland