Midland Folk Music Festival

Here are some 2023 festival links that you will find useful to download ahead of time!
Thursday night sing-along/play along songs: https://drive.google.com/.../1op0jARzy9XJrtgcGk6XbitYhX5Y...
Friday Motown sing-along workshop songs - https://drive.google.com/.../1BiUFfWbPiJVMGQ9KCCbT0qoEgPu...

Dates for the 2023 Midland Folk Music Festival are Thursday, August 24th through Sunday, August 27th.  You are certainly welcome to come as soon as Monday, August 21st and set up camp.  You are encouraged to have just as much (or more!) fun than the jammers in the picture below!

2022 Folk Music Festival Schedules and Class Descriptions
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Wednesday evening - gospel sing at 8pm in a tentThursday evening - Beatles' sing-along - Gerstacker Building - 7pm2022 Folk Music Festival - Friday Schedule2022 Folk Music Festival - Saturday Schedule2022 Folk Music Festival - Class Descriptions

The Midland Folk Music Festival 
has been cancelled for 2020!

2019 Workshop Schedules

2019 Saturday Night Stage Show Schedule

2019 Jams and Sing-A-Longs Schedule

People start arriving for the festival Monday morning, August 19th, and there are many informal jams that happen before the festival proper begins on Thursday evening, August 22nd, with the sing-along in the Fair Center.  This year, Senior Discount will be presenting the music of the Weavers, and as well as singing along, you will have the opportunity to bring your instrument and play along as well!  

If you would like to download the lead sheets and put them on your tablet or print them out, you can find them at https://drive.google.com/open?id=167dTDO0wS1tF17wzt62q13_wrBH__8cd .  There will be a limited number of paper copies of the songbook available at the sing-along/play-along, and if you wish to keep a paper copy, we would ask you to contribute $2 to cover the cost of printing.

For unfamiliar songs you would like to learn, they can be found at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6Z9_aT8mHdGbr4hGbPFDLVNnB2FjfRQ1 .  Bring a music stand along with your instrument and voice.