Important Notice from Don Masselli

PLEASE READ THIS NOTE FROM DON MASSELLI: The Midland Folk Festival is always an intense mixture of social and musical experiences. When it ends, I go home with a general sense of being right with the world, tempered with days of sleep deprivation. After this festival, I came home with a bit more--Covid 19! Very special.

The reason I'm sharing this is to warn anyone who may have had contact with me about your risk of exposure. I am pretty I got it between Thursday afternoon and Friday evening and I did not experience symptoms until late Saturday evening. I don't know how viral transmission works or even if I could have passed it on during my initial exposure, but I want people who were around me to be aware that they too could have been exposed. Here's what I did Friday and Saturday, as I remember it:
My songwriter's workshop at 2:00 PM Friday.
Johnny's Beatles singalong Friday
Punch Drunk's 2 chord workshop Saturday
SUGAR pre-show Saturday
That's what I can remember, but there were shorter connections on both those days, too. If you were at any of those and you are feeling a little funny, you should get tested.
Sorry to bring down the level of enthusiasm for the festival, but I think people should be aware of the situation.
And, I'm doing OK so far, a couple more days without emptying the dishwasher and I'll be better.