While respecting the decision of those who aren't ready to reassemble yet, I have made arrangements for any interested uke players to gather over at the Baymont Inn on Wackerly in Midland from 6pm to 8pm on Monday nights to play some music! Bring along a uke and the September 2019 song folder (link: ) , and I may even slip in a bit of a lesson from time to time if that is agreeable. - Johnny
Well, the Creative360 concert went well, and many thanks to Mike Giffin for helping me get the PA set up, going, and back in the car when we were done, and to Pat and Sherry Darby for bringing some things I didn't have quite enough of. It was great to be together playing with SUGAR friends again! We are still meeting at Baymont Inn on the fourth Monday of the month at 5:30, so grab your tab and give it a stab. :)

SUGAR will meet at Baymont Inn on Monday, 7/27/20 at 5:30pm for anyone interested.

-- Many of you were involved with the tremendously fun and well-received March 4th concert at Creative360, and I have been asked to put together another similar ukulele concert on Wednesday, August 12th, from 6:30 to 8:00pm.

You are invited to participate again if you wish to do so, so please read the concert description below , and please let me know either on Facebook or by e-mail ASAP if you wish to be included. -- Johnny

From Creative 360:
Ukulele Concert
Join us for a joyous evening as we welcome Johnny Hunt, ukulele instructor extraordinaire, along with some of his students and friends from the Tri-Cities based SUGAR ukulele group. Bring your blankets, chairs, masks, and a picnic if you like to this outdoor gathering to celebrate music, and the delight of being together while staying apart! The lawn will be marked in a grid to keep groups socially distanced. Wednesday, August 12 / 6:30 - 8:00 pm / $5, ages 10 and under free (Rain date 8/19)

We surveyed 100 people, and the top two answers are on the board... the question was "are you ready to play in restaurants again?"

Not yet:  97
OK:  3

Therefore, SUGAR will take a pass on meeting in restaurants until such time as it becomes more palatable (pun intended) to do so.   

I am planning to come to Baymont Inn on Monday, July 27th at 5:30 and play.  Their breakfast room has been closed down, and I was told that we could pretty much go there and play just about any time, so come on the 27th if you wish to do so, and take a pass if that seems the thing to do.


Here's the skinny: I contacted all the restaurants we have played at on a monthly basis, and all of them were happy to have us return as per our pre-COVID schedule.
I realize that there are good reasons for people to opt NOT to do this, but we are on the schedule to play at Golden Buffet in Midland on Monday, July 13th at 5:30. The buffet is not open yet, but we can order off the menu. If you don't want to have dinner, just come around 6:00, and we will play from then until we are worn out (or 7:30, whichever comes first).

If you could let me know by e-mail ( if you're planning to come to Golden Buffet on the 13th, that would be great.



SUGAR friends:  As you may have noticed, things are quite a bit different than they were three weeks ago...  You may be doing some sort of online psuedo-jamming, and that's fine, but how about using this downtime to improve your skills!  I have devoted my ukulele time to actually learning 50 of the 90 songs I enjoy by heart, and so please consider this "challenge" to learn our traditional closing song by heart!  Yes, you will have to have a copy of the chords and words when you start out, but just go one line at a time until you make a mis-step, and then go back and start over.  I think you will be surprised that it isn't as big a task as you might think it is to accomplish this!  Take enough small steps, and when you look back, you will see that you have covered quite a distance, and you will be very satisfied with yourself.  Th-th-th-that's all, folks!

No Baymont Inn - Monday, 3-23-20.  

BAD NEWS: The FMSM board, of which I am a member, has canceled all FMSM activities until further notice. No Baymont Monday, no senior homes (obviously), and no restaurants until this virus spread is under control. Everyone should work on their chops for two hours every day, and then when we can get back together, we will really be something else!
GOOD NEWS: Final numbers are not in, but it looks like we came out a wee bit ahead for WASSUP, in that cash in exceeded cash spent! Thanks to all who shouldered the wheel and made it happen!

We had an extra challenge this year at WASSUP6 with the concerns about the coronavirus, and even though I don't quite agree with “the show must go on” mentality, the show did go on.

I am grateful for all you attendees that chose to come in spite of the health warnings about large gatherings, and I'm equally grateful and thankful to those who chose not to come because of health concerns as well.

The attendance was about half of what would be expected on a snow-free Michigan weekend in March, and with that much smaller of a crowd, it was reasonable to expect that the finances would be about half as much as would be expected with a full house.

However, I am happy to report that at first glance, the financial picture is looking much better than I expected, so, SUGAR and I want to thank all of you who placed bids at the silent auction and stuck your money in the donation jars! Thank you also to our wonderful vendors, who were only half as busy as in other festivals. You are all invited back next March!

Thank you to all who came Thursday night to set everything up and stayed afterward on Saturday evening to help get things all cleaned up and put away. I can name at least three SUGAR people who came Thursday night to help even though they were unable to attend the festival. Wow!

So, thank you to all who participated and helped, and did things that I have no idea how to do! Special thanks to Devin Scott for being so gracious and easy to work with, and to MFMC for allowing us to run the workshops and group strums in the sanctuary, which I think worked very well for us.

There are many more great festivals in the Midwest coming up, so may our paths all cross again many times in the upcoming year!

Thanks to all,

Due to the ever-changing and uncertain coronavirus situation, we have made the decision to postpone Mighty Uke Day 10 until a fall date to be announced. We will be offering full refunds to those who request them, but ask that you hold off for a little while we come up with the alternative dates at which your existing tickets will be honored. There’s a lot of checking with artists and venues going on right now, which will take a little time to settle; we appreciate your patience.
We realize these are hard times for everyone involved; musicians, fans, venues, and promoters and makes for tough, but necessary decisions. Once we have the new dates confirmed, look for the new dates to be posted here. If you have any questions or want to request an immediate refund, please email me at rather than post on this page.
We will get through this together and I look forward to a healthy and musical future.
Uke on!

SUGAR friends:  NOTE WELL! No Bay Shores or Krzysiak's on Monday, 3-16-20! Work on chucking! :-)

We all are aware of the COVID19 /Coronavirus issue, and there have been questions about how it may affect WASSUP6. As things stand, it is not something to be ignored, nor is it something to treat as a DEFCON5 threat.
We have been able to procure a few bottles of hand sanitizer to bring to the festival, and if you are able to find any on the shelves where you live, please feel free to bring it with you and share.
Perhaps a nod of the head or an elbow bump to acknowledge others is a better option than a handshake this weekend. We all still have to go to the store, to the office, to a restaurant, to work, to school, to (fill in the blank), and even the doomsday preppers will only last so long if worst comes to worst.
Until and unless a government agency shuts everything down, we are planning to carry on with WASSUP6 as planned. Some friends from the Rubber City Ukes in Akron posted the graphic below in regards to precautions to take when playing in a senior citizens' home, and I think it would be wise for those who meet any of these six criteria to stay home. I know one local ukulele player who has just returned from overseas travel and has self-quarantined for the next 14 days.
Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what to do, and while we are hopeful to conduct business as usual, we understand if you choose to pass on attending this year. - Johnny

It's not quite a stone tablet yet (although the copies of the program have already been printed), but here's a pretty good idea of what the game plan for WASSUP6 is...

Link to a recent SUGAR ukulele concert at Creative 360 in Midland:

Music that you definitely will want to bring with you to WASSUP6:

Mall concert songs (Saturday at noon):

Current Petey Mack songbook - for afterhours jamming at Baymont -

Flash mob cheat sheets (yes, there are 8 on a page, so cut them up and bring copies for friends!):

Preliminary schedule of events (full programs available at the festival):

                       FRONT                                                                                   BACK
Since the theme of WASSUP6 is "The 60's", this year's quilt features bright colors and wild prints. The quilt is ~60"x60". Besides the front designed to show some motion, the back is also pieced with colorful fabrics. This is a one of kind quilt - designed just for the WASSUP6 festival. Come ready to bid! Show this to your friends - even if they are not coming to the festival, you can always act as their broker! Not pictured, but also available, is a wall hanging, ~12"x15", featuring bright colored flowers (Flower Power!) and a centerpiece ukulele. This is also a one of a kind embroidery, designed just for WASSUP6. - Thank you, SUGAR member, Marguerite Schrader!

Here is a new playlist for Wellspring on Thursday, May 5th:

"Johnny, how can I help?" I get this question a lot at WASSUP, and here a couple of ways you can do so: The three ways that WASSUP pays the bills are through SUGAR gigs, donation cans at the festival, and especially through our silent auction items. If you have either musical or non-musical items (other than things like half-eaten bags of potato chips) that you would like to donate to the cause, please bring them along with you!

Another way to help is to sign up to spend an hour at the registration table, smiling, welcoming people, giving them a program, and asking them to fill out and wear a name badge. There will be a sign-up sheet at the registration table where you can pick a time to be available to do this. Thanks! Johnny and your friends from SUGAR

Updated March 2019 SUGAR calendar - added Wellspring on 3/5/20
Download the October 2019 version of Petey Mack's songbook here, and bring it along to WASSUP. You never know when it might come in handy!

SUGAR schedule adjustments for Monday nights...
At Golden Buffet (2nd Monday), we are going to have dinner first upon arrival (at 5pm), and then play from 5:30 to 7:00.
We play at Bay Shores (on the 3rd Monday from 3:00 to 4:00), and then go to Krzysiak's afterward. Let's figure on eating there from 5:00 to 5:30, and then playing from 5:30 to 7:00 there as well. The rationale for eating first is to avoid having sparse, picked-over options for dinner, since these places are somewhat loathe to re-stocking the "good stuff"later in the evening.
Baymont (on the 4th Monday of the month) will run from 5:00 to 6:30, so that way, wherever we're going on Monday nights, we will know that the action begins at 5pm.
Doing this also allows late arrivals to not miss any music time and then stay afterward for dinner if desired. I will let the management of these fine establishments know of our intentions, and make this effective as of ... right now! :-)
Thank you,
The SUGAR Executive Council (aka whoever was at Sullivan's last Saturday!)

SUGAR peeps: If you would like to be part of SUGAR's portion of the Friday night WASSUP6 concert, please come to at least one rehearsal, and to assist in your preparation, the videos are now posted at: :

WASSUP6 attendees: Do you have the flash mob songs under control? If so, here are links to the mall concert songs and the accompanying rehearsal videos:
Song .pdf's:
Song videos:

~~~ UPDATE - 1/15/20 - Well, keep working on the flash mob songs, which will require more preparation than the mall concert songs anyway. SUGAR went through the mall concert songs earlier this week, and there were a number of b-b-b-boo-boos in my original lead sheets. My hero, Michael Giffin, graciously whipped up corrected revisions of these songs, and we will attempt to do videos of the songs at SUGAR's next meeting on Monday, January 20th. In the meantime, here is a CORRECTED link to the songs, which you can download: (thanks again, Mike G.!)

FLASH MOB NEWS! OK, it's time to get to work! Here is a link to a set of videos of the flash mob songs, which will require doing some learning and rehearsing, since the Friday flash mob is a tablet-free, music stand-free event... (as well as the link to the lead sheets to learn from and a cheat sheet, which you can tape to the top of your uke to help jog your memory - or in my case, what is left of my memory!). Lead sheets/cheat sheet link:

Can you ever have too many T-shirts? Of course not! Here is the pre-order, pre-pay information for your WASSUP6 T-shirt... The T-shirts will look similar to the picture above - a tie-dyed shirt with white silk-screening. Katherine Kusmierz Machul is handling this project again this year, and you can contact her either on Facebook Messenger or by e-mail at to place an order and obtain information regarding how to pay for your T-shirt. The ordering deadline is February 15, 2020, and the prices are as follows: S, M, L, and XL shirts are $18.00, 2XL is $20.00, 3XL is $21.00, and 4XL is $22.00. Again, T-shirts will only be available on a pre-order, pre-pay basis, and you must pick up your T-shirt at WASSUP6, which is on Friday and Saturday, March 13th and 14th, 2020.
Local ukulelists can order and pay for T-shirts directly from Katherine when SUGAR meets on Saturday, January 4th, or Saturday, February 1st at Sullivan's in Saginaw or on Monday, January 20th, or Monday, February 17th at Krzysiak's in Bay City. Th-th-th-that's all, folks...

Happy New Year, SUGAR friends! WASSUP6 is coming soon, and so I would like to go over the flash mob songs Saturday (1/4/20) at Sullivan's and make a video to help our out-of-town guests do their rehearsing. I am also interested in song ideas for the Friday evening concert (March 13th), which we will be opening as is our usual custom. Below is a link to the flash mob songs, as well as 3 sizes of cheat sheets, which you may tape to your ukulele, or you may make something that works for you (but NO TABLETS, NOTEBOOKS of MUSIC STANDS, please!). - JCH

After a (very) brief meeting of the executive committee, it has been decided to scrap Baymont for Monday, December 23rd. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and we will reconvene at Sullivan's on Saturday, January 4th, and go over the WASSUP6 flash mob songs, among other things.

Corrected January 2020 calendar (1/7/20 is a Tuesday)

I know this is hard to believe, but there are two songs in the 2019 Christmas list we are using that needed just a little more fixing. If you wish, you may download them and replace the previous version with these December 2019 versions (Angels We Have Heard on High and Joy to the World). If you wish to just use the slightly-goofed-up versions, I certainly understand that. Here's the link again:

DECEMBER 2019 schedule is below the following post...

The previously-published version of the 2019 SUGAR Christmas song folder had a number of m-m-mistakes in it, so here is a (hopefully) improved version to download and bring along to all this year's SUGAR Christmas events:

Winter won the battle last Monday (11/11), but not the war! Please bring along the flash mob set of songs to Krzysiak's on the 18th (link below), and we'll see how they sound. - Johnny

Winter doesn't belong here yet, but nobody told the weatherman.  It's Veterans' Day today, and the Midland County and City Road Commissions have apparently taken the day off, too.  Stay home tonight and stay warm!


If you're coming to Baymont on Monday, 11/11, please download these songs, which I would like to try out as flash mob songs for WASSUP6.

Thanks, Johnny

SUGAR November 2019 events

Saturday, November 2nd – Sullivan's in Saginaw – 10:30 to noon

Monday, November 4th – Bickford Cottage in Midland – 10:30
                                          M's Cafe – eat 11:45, play 12:30

Monday, November 11th – Baymont Inn – Midland – 5:30-7pm

Monday, November 18th – Bay Shores – Bay City – 3-4 pm
                                            Krzysiak's – 5-6:30pm

Monday, November 25th – Baymont Inn – Midland – 5:30-7pm

Tuesday, December 3rd – League of Catholic Womens' Luncheon 
Cathedral of Mary of the Assumption, 615 Hoyt Ave. - Saginaw – play 12:30 to 1:30

10-25-19 - I have to share this note, which I received from Lisa at Camp's Music this week:  "A lady told me today about SUGAR playing at her church (Trinity by Jefferson) and it has got to be the *best* church service she has ever experienced.  She loved the hymns y'all played, too.  She was trying to remember what they were... Down by the Riverside  (?) and Amazing Grace.  Wow!"

Baymont Inn on Monday, October 14th, and Monday, October 28th are at 5:30, rather than 5pm - thanks, Tom for catching this boo-boo!  ;-)

What do the following terms have in common? The folk revival, the British invasion, and folk rock? If you said "the 60's", you are correct! The theme for WASSUP6 is "the music of the 60's", and the dates are Friday and Saturday, March 13th and 14th, 2020, so mark those dates out on your calendar and plan to attend...

Correction - Plainview in Auburn is on Tuesday, October 1st (NOT MONDAY!)

OOPS!  Somehow, just like mice and crickets sneaking into the house, the songs on the deleted list crawled back into the !ALL SEPTEMBER 2019 SUGAR songs in one place folder and need to be exterminated, expunged, and disposed of.  Here is that list of songs that you can delete:
Albuquerque is a Turkey It's a Sin to Tell a Lie
American Pie It's Only a Paper Moon
Billy's Mule La Bamba
Cotton Fields – Pick a Bale Lucille
Danny Boy My Guy
Dream Paper Moon
Duke of Earl Parting Glass
Every Day Shine On, Harvest Moon
For Me and My Gal South of the Border
Freebird Stay All Night
Get Back Stop in the Name of Love
Heat Wave Swingin' on a Star
Henry the Eighth Yakety Yak

Honky Tonk Blues

Honky Tonkin' Baby

I Saw Her Standing There

I'm Looking Over a 4-Leaf Clover

UPDATED SEPT. 2019 SUGAR song folder is now online for downloading

There are new songs, there are fixed-up songs, and there are holdover songs all in one handy-dandy folder.  Within that folder are three separate sub-folders - one with Christmas songs as before, another with gospel songs in case we end up doing another church service, and a third sub-folder with songs that are suggested for senior groups and senior homes where we get paid to entertain.

I strongly suggest downloading this new folder to your laptop, tablet, or whatever device you have, checking it to make sure it's all there, and then hiding or deleting the April 2019 folder to avoid confusion.  

Here is the Google Drive link:

If your tablet/device has a USB port, I have the new folder loaded onto a thumb drive, which I will have with me Monday at Bickford and M's Cafe, and will try to help you copy the folder to your device.  I am not a tech support wizard, and would like to begin using the new September 2019 folder at Sullivan's on Saturday, September 7th.  

If you would like separate folders for just the new songs, just the fixed-up songs, and/or just the deleted songs, I have those available, too, but I think you will find it much easier to just download the new September 2019 folder and be done with it.  

Thanks, Johnny

Open season for SUGAR song submissions - 8-28-19

If you have songs to submit for consideration to add to the SUGAR repertoire, please send them to me at in the next week (by 9-4-19).

As much as possible, please choose songs that are familiar to most people, not off-color or politically-charged, and are formatted similarly to the songs I have worked up previously (Arial font, in-line chords, fits on one page with 1/2 inch margins, and in .doc or .docx format so I can tweak as necessary). A good example for formatting a song would be Back in the Saddle Again.

I'm very happy with how many tight songs we have in our repertoire already, and am thankful for how far we have come as a group I got many compliments from people for our Saturday night set at the festival, so keep on playin' and singin' nice and purty! - Johnny

On Monday, August 26th, we have two places to go - Independence Village in Midland at 3:30, and then Baymont Inn at 5:00 (moved up 30 minutes this one time).

Be sure to download this song folder, and bring it to Krzysiak's on Monday, 8/19 to rehearse, and then to the Midland Folk Music Festival for Saturday, 8/22 at 5:30, when we will erform these songs before the concert:

I received some additional guidance from our new friend and music director, Brenda, and STRONGLY suggest that you delete the previous Trinity Lutheran songs folder and replace it with this updated and corrected version, entitled "SUGAR - REVISED Trinity Lutheran songs ..."
Document 00 is a SUGAR-coated bulletin which I find a little easier to follow than the 8-page bulletin (which you should still grab a copy of when you get to church for the service[s]).

Below is a link to the songs we will be working on for the Folk Music Festival on August 24th:  The theme is that they all start with the letter T (not B!).  We will use the May 28, 2019 Wellspring play list (starts with I Want A Girl) at Plainview in Auburn on Monday at 1pm, and then rehearse the Trinity Lutheran songs and these Folk Music Festival songs at Journeys at 5:30 on Monday, and then again at Sullivan's on Saturday, August 3rd (because we will be playing them at Trinity Lutheran at 5 on Saturday, and then again twice on Sunday morning). - Johnny

Adios, Oscar's.  I thanked them for hosting us and let them know that we won't be coming back any more.- Johnny

Links to updated version of a Trinity Lutheran song for August 3-4:


Frankenmuth Fun Night will be at the Visitor Center (Friday, 7/12/19 from 6-9pm).  If you think you might need it, bring it (whatever "it" is).

Link to songs to rehearse at Baymont Inn on Monday, 7/8/19 at 5:30 (for Trinity Lutheran in August):

I received a call from the Music Director at Trinity Lutheran Church in Midland, and made a SUGAR date to play some hymns at the Saturday evening service on August 3rd at 5pm, as well as both Sunday morning services on August 4th at 8:45am and 10:30am.
The director is at a conference through Thursday, July 4th, and then will get back to me with some hymn titles that we will need to learn before the end of July. Therefore, I would like to use our July 8th date at Baymont Inn to work at learning the songs that are suggested, which will leave me a couple of days to get lead sheets made up and made available.
I realize and understand that not everyone in SUGAR would be interested in this, but all who would like to take part in this are invited to do so. - Johnny

Just so we're all on the same page, the Great Lakes Rehab date on Thursday, 6/27 has been canceled. The July calendar is coming soon!

Porchfest map for Port Austin on Saturday, 6/22/19 - we play at porch #10 from 1-3pm...

I suggest bringing a chair/stool, a music stand, a tablet, and ... oh, yes, a ukulele! - JCH

Monday, 6/17/19 is a busy day! We will be playing at Camp Fish Tales in Pinconning (take M-13 north to E. Erickson Rd., turn right (east) toward Saginaw Bay, and then the camp will be on the left (north) side of the road. Then, off to Bay Shores at 3 and Krzysiak's at 5.
The link to the Wellspring set list for Thursday, 6/20/19 is attached. This will be at the Assisted Living wing, which I believe is down on the west end of the Wellspring complex, which I believe is off of Lawndale.

Sad news - Delbert, who is the man that sat at the end of the dancers' table at Krzysiak's and would make song requests at the drop of a hat has passed away. 😔

A great time was had by all who came to play at Baymont Inn on the 10th (2nd Monday each month from 5:30-7).  We had a number of listeners, including a couple celebrating their 63rd anniversary, and a lady who had come from Florida for her father's funeral.  Her father was a local musician, and she was quite touched by some of the songs we played.

MISSION SCRUBBED! - We're going to take a pass on going to Great Lakes Rehab on Thurs., 5/30/19. I spoke with the Activities Director, who isn't getting any help from management with paying entertainers, so we'll just see how things play out long-term. Please help spread the word! - Johnny

Link to SUGAR playlist at Wellspring on Tuesday, 5/28/19:

UPCOMING EVENT - Porchfest in Port Austin on Saturday, June 22, 2019, with a party afterward!!!

UPDATE: Here is the link to the Carrollton Rosary Society songlist for 5-23-19:

I spoke with a lady after our Carrollton date on 5/15, gave her a SUGAR business card, and got this response:
We were at the Senior Citizens dinner in Carrollton and heard you play and we were wondering if you could play at our St John Paul II Rosary Society meeting which will be on May 23.2019? We are located on 3055 Harrison in Carrollton and if you are interested we would like you there about 7:15 p.m.

Pat Darby will be leading the group, and as of 5/20/19, there are seven of us signed up. Below is a map of the area...

I (Johnny) attended the initial open mic that Journeys Coffee Shop held, and they are having another session on Friday, May 17th from 6-9. If you're interested in participating, please contact to let her know. - JCH

Image may contain: text

MUD9 open mic ballot - results:
1. Blame It on the Bossa Nova
2. Kansas City
3. These Boots Were Made for Walkin'
(4). Don't Let the Rain Come Down
We play at 2pm at Sir Pizza on Saturday, 5/11/19 so please be ready to roll when our our time comes around.

On Saturday at Sullivan's (5-4-19) we're going to choose songs for the following Saturday (5-11-19) at Mighty Uke Day 9 in Lansing. We will play through these songs, and then fill out ballots to choose the best-loved options. After that, we can polish them up to be prepared for MUD9, and go from there. Our open mic time at MUD9 is from 2-2:15 pm at SIr Pizza on Cesar Chavez Blvd. (formerly Grand River).

This is the corrected version (first correction? ;-)  -  The May 28th date is at the familiar wing at Wellspring. - Johnny

Shirley Keyser's birthday party invitation
All SUGAR people are invited...

OK, here are the links to the updated song folder (April 2019 SUGAR song folder) and a folder with just the updates and changes (if you wish to just alter the version you already have)...

Corrections and updates only: 

I booked some one-off events for SUGAR in May and June. Here's that list...
Saturday, 5/11 - Mighty Uke Day in Lansing - open mic from 2 to 2:15 - at Sir Pizza
Wednesday, 5/15 - Carrollton Senior Club - noon-1 - on Michigan just south of Tittabawassee - I need a count of those who want to stay for lunch afterward.

Tuesday, 5/28 - Wellspring Independent Living from 2-3pm - where we were February 28th.

Thursday, 5/30 - Great Lakes Rehab, 4189 Tittabawassee in Saginaw, 2:30-3:30

Monday, 6/17 - Camp Fish Tales, 2177 E. Erickson Rd., Pinconning - 1 to 2pm, then onward to Bay Shores at 3 and Krzysiak's at 5.

Thursday, 6/20 - Wellspring ASSISTED LIVING - I am told that this is a white building between two other buildings, so get some directions when we're there on May 28th.  - 2:30-3:30 - Mike G. is the bandleader on this one.

Saturday, 6/22 - Porchfest in Port Austin - I don't have any details at this time, but will make them known as they are received...

Thanks to Renee, below is a link to the set list for Wellspring on April 24th. I scrapped one song because the chords are a mess. One of these days, I intend to shine up the boo-boos in the March 2019 song folder revision and send those out in a group. One of these time allows... Johnny
Katherine Machul is taking orders for the light blue SUGAR polo shirts, so see her or e-mail her at if you are interested in getting (or replacing) a shirt!

Bickford playlist for April 1, 2019 (Monday)

Link to just the changes in the song folder - March 2019 -


Here's what you should do:
1.  Download the folder and store it on your device (tablet, laptop, phone, etc.)
2.  Open the folder and see to it that there are all the songs there, including American Pie, which is the first new song in the folder.
3.  Once you are certain that you have all the songs from the updated version of Act Naturally to
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, discard the 9-9-18 version, as we will be using the new "SUGAR song folder - March 2019" henceforth.

Link to the Magic Mirror photo booth pictures

LAST CALL for SUGAR song folder additions - I'm ready to publish it.  Thanks, Johnny - 3/26/19

SUGAR song folder is open....

It's open season for SUGAR song folder additions... please choose songs that are familiar to people, not off-color or politically-charged, and as similar as possible to the attachment below (arial font, chords in-line, one page long, and preferably in .doc format) - please send to before April 1, 2019. Don't bother to send me Wagon Wheel - I already put it back in the folder. 

We need to have a little business meeting at Krzysiak's on March 18th.  Still bring your tablets, though!  ;-)

Link to 3-4-19 Bickford playlist:

Put your shirt on! Katherine will have the WASSUP shirts at Sullivan's on Saturday, 3/2/19...

THIS WEEK IN SUGARLAND (2-24 thru 3-2-19)
Come on down to Oscar's in downtown Midland (SW corner of Main St. and Rodd) from 5-6:30 on Monday, 2/25/19, and stay afterward for dinner if you're able!
Directions for Wellspring performance on Thursday, 2/28/19 at 2-3 pm from Renee:
Wellspring (the old McBrite Manor) is located at 2825 Wieneke Rd. in Saginaw Township. I'm told that we should go to the driveway just past the building (NOT the drive by their flashing sign) and park in lot "A," being careful NOT to park in spots designated for the Residents. We are to enter through that "A" wing door, which is near the multi-purpose room where we will be performing from 2 - 3 pm.

SUGAR friends: at noon on 2/23/19, Petey Mack will be doing a Facebook Live run-through of the WASSUP Mall Concert songs on the WASSUP group page...  you can check back later on FB and see what kind of fun we're in for...

Link to mall concert songs:

NO BAY SHORES TODAY (Mon. 2/18/19) - too many sick residents.  Krzysiak's is still on. - Johnny

LINK to PETEY MACK WASSUP5 concert songs... download these songs, put them on a tablet or print them out and bring them to WASSUP...

The WASSUP5 A-V team is busy converting songs and other written materials for the group strums and workshops into landscape format slides, which will be projected on a new 9'x5' screen.  Have you been working on the flash mob songs?   :-)

Just for SUGAR members:  link to the WASSUP Friday concert videos:

No Oscar's on Monday, 1/28/19 - WINTER WINS! DATE ADDED! We will be playing at Wellspring in Saginaw (formerly McBrite Manor) on February 28th (thanks, Renee!) as a one-time event and then let's see where it goes from there..

Here is a (tentative) schedule for WASSUP5...

WASSUP5 T-shirts... order now!  Scroll down for info...
Here's the price list... PRE-SALE ONLY! - There is a range of prices, depending on what you want. 
Contact for payment arrangements

S-XL..$19; 2XL..$21; 3XL..$23; 4XL..$24; 5XL..$25.
S-XL..$24; 2XL..$26; 3XL..$27.

Saturday mall concert songs link!!!

On March 9th at noon, WASSUP will be taking its act on the road (well, across the road and 1/4 mile north to the Midland Mall, actually), and doing a 30-minute mall concert. Petey Mack will be leading the group, and we have assembled a set of cowboy songs to dazzle any innocent bystanders who may be at the mall then, so bring your Old West duds along with your ukulele and music, and we'll have a good old time!

PORT AUSTIN THUMBFEST I was asked about having SUGAR apply to play at an event called Porchfest in Port Austin (up by the tip of the Thumb) on Saturday, June 22nd. It's a bit of a drive from the Tri-Cities, but it looks like it would a fun thing to do, so let me know by e-mail if this is something you would come to, and if we get a decent amount of interest, I will send in an application for us to play there. Link:

SONGS TO BRING WITH YOU for upcoming SUGAR events, T-SHIRTS for WASSUP5 ...

The WASSUP5 T-shirt store is open for business - Katherine Machul is taking orders (pre-sale only!). It's the official WASSUP5 logo on a red background...  Contact Katherine at for instructions as to how to place an order.
Here's the price list...
S-XL..$19; 2XL..$21; 3XL..$23; 4XL..$24; 5XL..$25.

S-XL..$24; 2XL..$26; 3XL..$27.
The shirts are red, with the WASSUP5 logo in the middle of the front.

LINKS:  SUGAR Friday concert songs:  

NEW revised link for SUGAR members to WASSUP5 concert songs:

Link for WASSUP5 flash mob songs:

SUGAR at Dow Gardens, December 2018

Video courtesy of Kristine Hibbard

Details for Friday, December 14, 2018: The Bay Area Mental Health Consumer Christmas Party will be held at the Bay County Community Center, Room 124, at 800 John F. Kennedy Dr., Bay City. (down by Vets' Park where the River of Time is held)
They would like us to start playing at 11:30, and do 20-30 minutes as people are coming in and we're getting ready to eat. We will be eating around 12:00.
We'd also like to provide lunch for any, or all of SUGAR, so if you could get a count of anyone who would like to stay and eat, I'll need that as soon as possible.
So, please leave a note here or contact me by e-mail with your intentions (coming? lunching?) by Monday, December 10th so Deb and the event planners will know what to expect.

2018 SUGAR holiday playlist   

OK, I'm sorry I didn't make it to Bay Shores and Krzysiak's this month, but here is the link to the playlist and songs which I made up for our December outings...
All the songs are from the Christmas Songs folder, which is inside the 9-9-18 revision of the SUGAR songs folder, but I think it would be easiest just to copy this playlist to your tablet and then we can go through them bing-bing-bing without any bangs or bongs (looking around to find the next song).


A fine turnout, and some fine music at Sullivan's yesterday (Sat., 11/3/18)! Monday, 11/5/18, we go to Bickford at 10:30, and then off to lunch. We will bust out the holiday package at Krzysiak's on 11/19/18, and figure out which songs are worthy of offering up at Dow Gardens on 12/7/18. - JCH

Saturday, October 8th at Sullivan's

We were asked to end a little sooner (11:30) to make room for a big wing-ding of some sort, so we will meet in the back room as usual, and let's start at 10:15 rather than 10:30 (since most people are there early in any case).  Then we will head out to the main dining room for lunch.  

Thanks, Johnny

OCTOBER 2018 SUGAR events...

We have a busy three days coming up...
Sawdust Days at the park in Hemlock on Saturday, 9/15 from 2:30-3:30 (please show up by 2:15)
Here's that playlist:…/61z62r…/AAB2V21tb5BaP4KXSo99P22Fa…
Pi's and Picnic on Sunday, 9/16 - Lunch at Pi's at 1, picnic at Emerson Park at 2 - bring your updated song folder along. Here's that link:…/cqn62q…/AABeZIVx3mn8W6TsafElfBbLa…
Bay Shores on Monday, 9/17 at 3, and Krzysiak's at 5. Out with the old (song folder) and in with the new!

Updated SUGAR song folder:
The updated SUGAR song folder (9-9-18) is now posted on Dropbox. I strongly suggest downloading this new version, and after checking that it downloaded properly, that you dispose of the previous version. There are a number of new songs, as well as a dozen or so updated versions of old songs, and this way, we will all have the correct version of all the songs, and there will be no confusion. Here is the link:

I found YouTube videos for some of the new and less familiar songs so I could get some idea of how they go, downloaded them, and put them on Google Drive. They're probably not all the same songs that you don't know very well, but if I'm gonna lead them, I need to have at least a good guess what they're supposed to sound like. Here is a link to where you can find those videos and check them out...

Link to Hemlock Sawdust Days playlist:

Name That Tune! - Submission deadline: 9-8-18

I'm taking "applications" for new songs for the updated SUGAR songs folder. If you have songs to submit, here's what I need:
   1. Songs should be familiar (especially to me, you saw what happened at Krzysiak's last time!), catchy, simple or at least fairly easy to learn (although we need to keep stretching ourselves, too!), and clean (no questionable words or themes).
   2. The less work I have to do re-formatting, re-typing, and otherwise revising songs, the better likelihood there is of getting it into the new song folder. Here's what I'm looking for:
      a. In a .doc (my preference) or otherwise easily-edited format.
      b. Portrait orientation
      c. Arial font
      d. Chords included within each line of lyrics so as to make it possible to use as large a font as fits on ONE PAGE
      e. Half-inch margins all the way around

I'm going to clean out some of the deadwood songs that never get chosen, and so there should be sufficient room for adding some good new songs. I will also include a number of the cowboy songs from the sing-along at the festival in the updated folder, because they are both already worked-up, and since the Old West will be the theme for WASSUP5, many, if not all of the songs we will perform in the Friday night concert will come from this collection. Thanks for your input and involvement!


Songs for 2018 Midland Festival (link)

We're playing from 5:45-6:10 in the Fair Center on Saturday (8/25), so please be there at 5:30 to get set up.  - Johnny

Info for Seasons event on 8-15-18

Here is the link to the "beach songs" song folder for the next SUGAR engagement on the calendar, which is on Wednesday, August 15th from 1-1:45pm at Seasons in Midland (NE corner of Saginaw and Dublin Roads)...

Looking ahead ... waaaay ahead!

It is with great pleasure that I can inform you that arrangements have been made for our special guest at WASSUP5...
Petey Mack (Pete McCarty) has agreed to come up north and be our featured performer! Bring your best voice and best ukulele(s) along, and be ready for a fun time singing along.
The dates are Friday and Saturday, March 8 and 9, 2019, which may seem like a long way off, but will arrive just in time to relieve the doldrums of the midwestern winter.
The theme for WASSUP5 is cowboy songs and the Old West, so get yourself a cowboy hat and whatever Western wear floats your boat.
In the meantime, the Midland Folk Music Festival is fast approaching, so if you're within shouting distance of Midland, clear your calendar for the dates August 23-26, 2018, and make plans to head this way. Here's a link with MFMF info:

What's new with SUGAR?

    There was some confusion at Krzysiak's regarding song versions for some upcoming SUGAR engagements, so I would like to clear all that up, and I also made one folder with the songs we will be using for four of these events in the month of August, 2018. I have recently added some one-off outings for us for August to our customary engagements at Sullivan's and Krzysiak's, so here is that list of times, dates, and places...
    Friday, July 27th - Bay Shores in Bay City from noon-12:30, we are playing to support the Alzheimer's Association.
    Friday, August 3 - the Great Lakes Loons have invited us to play before the game that evening from 6-7pm in the concourse(s) as part of their Margaritaville Night promotion. I (Johnny) will not be available for this event, and I need to know before Monday, July 30th, how many people in our group would commit to doing this event, so we can give the Loons' promotions director an answer.
    Thursday, August 9 - Concert at Clare City Park from 6-8pm. We will do songs 1-6 in the Dropbox folder by ourselves, and then collaborate with the Clare uke group (SUN) for songs 7-11. Please be there at 5:30 if you are planning to participate. The Elderly Brothers will also be doing a set as well as a solo set by myself.
    Wednesday, August 15 - we will be playing beach music at Seasons in Midland (NE corner of Dublin and Saginaw Roads) from 1:00-1:45pm. I will create a list of familiar songs that go along with the beach theme and publish that list in the near future.
    Saturday, August 25 - I am expecting to be asked to be part of the pre-concert at the world-renowned Midland Folk Music Festival that evening, and will choose some familiar songs from our August 2018 list that will prove to those in attendance how tremendously entertaining SUGAR can be!

Please download this folder and bring it along with you to these August events, and hide all my previous failed attempts to literally get everybody on the same page! ;-) Here's the Dropbox folder link:


Additional Play Dates for July and September 2018
I just added another event for July... SUGAR will be playing from noon-12:30 on Friday, July 27th at Bay Shores (in Bay City on Midland Rd., about 1/2 mile west of Euclid) for a fundraiser for the Alzheimer's Association. We will just go with the songs for the Clare concert, which I send out shortly. Also, SUGAR was engaged to play at the Hemlock Sawdust Days festival on Saturday, September 15th, from 2:30 until 3:30, so mark your clanders accordionly. - JH

Re: Dow Gardens 
6/27/18 concert has been cancelled.  :-(

CORRECTED link to SUGAR songs for Dow Gardens concert on 6/27/18


Do you know somebody who is "ukulele-curious"? Here is a free one-hour beginners' lesson at Herter Music Center on Thursday, June 21st at 3:30pm that they would enjoy... JH

The people have spoken!

Here are the results of the voting for the Dow Gardens playlist in order of votes cast. We will play them in this order with Pearly Shells being last, and if anything needs to be cut, it will be those songs at the end of the list (but not Pearly Shells).
Born to Be Wild
Blue Bayou
Move It On Over
Don't Let the Rain Come Down
Carolina in the Morning
Pearly Shells

MUD8, Carrollton Senior Club

Props to all who were able to be part of Mighty Uke Day over the weekend! I thought that SUGAR really shined at the open mic on Saturday, and did ourselves proud.
Wednesday, 5-16-18, we play at Messiah Lutheran Church, 4640 N. Michigan (just south of TIttabawassee) from noon-1pm, and then are welcome to stay and dine afterward. Let's arrive early enough to be ready to play right at noon, and I was asked if we would sing Sweet Caroline and that one other song which I don't remember (but will find out Wednesday!). - JH

The people have spoken!

Here's the play list for MUD8. We will start at the top of the list and just play until our allotted time is up, which I suspect will be 3 songs...

1. Harper Valley PTA
2. End of the World
3. Loco-Motion
4. It's My Party
5. Sugar Town

We will rehearse these songs at Sullivan's and Midland Bickford before MUD8 gets here, so be sure to have them along with you.

Fathers' Day song to download and put on your tablet:

BONUS KRZYSIAK'S VISIT...Monday, 4/30/18 at 5pm. We'll be selecting and rehearsing MUD8 songs, and then we'll have one more rehearsal at Sullivan's on Saturday, 5/5/18 at 10:30am. MUD open mic is Saturday, 5/12/18 at 2pm at Sir Pizza on Grand River in Old Town Lansing.

Important! SUGAR song folder update info...

The SUGAR song folder has been updated and replaced. At the bottom of this note are instructions where to find the new and current song folder, which should be good for the next six months or so. Shoot me a note if you have any questions. - JH
Added songs include:
Banned in Boston
Black Velvet Band (better version)
Bobby's Girl
By the Light of the Silvery Moon (better version)
Five Hundred Miles
Freight Train
In the Valley of the Moon
New York, New York
Pistol-packin' Mama
Ramblin' Rose
Deleted songs include: (we have never chosen any of these songs to play)
Back Home in Indiana
Beautiful Ohio
Black Velvet Band (crummy version)
Burning Love
By the Light of the Silvery Moon (chorus only version)
Fly Me to the Moon
Grandfather's Clock
Hello Ma Baby/Tootsie
If You Knew Susie
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
Meet Me in St. Louis
Something About a Ukulele
Two ways to update to the current folder:
1. The easiest way to have the current song collection is to upload the folder entitled " !SUGAR song folder - ver. 032818 ", and once it is successfully uploaded to your device, delete the "All the SUGAR songs on Johnny's tablet - 12-4-17" folder. The link to the now current and updated folder is:…/xrkzvs…/AADI1s6Cd8YAgTLYpSTXmKmEa…
2. There is a good possibility that you will end up with an incomplete list if you do it this other way, but if you really want to just upload the new songs, you will also have to delete the 12 songs on the list above beginning with "Amie", and then add these 11 new songs to the existing song folder , which can be found at this link:…/dbfii2…/AABOj4NCi2_uFeCPVuJw8_kfa…
After doing this, you may want to rename this song folder to "... ver. 032818".

Monday - 3-19-18

Bay Shores from 3-4, and Krzysiak's from 5-6:30. Open book - we don't have to rehearse any more!
I'd like to discuss WASSUP4, too - what went well, what could stand some tweaking, and any new ideas you may have. Also, there will be a brief accounting of the financing.
If anyone picked up any paperwork such as the leftover programs and name badges, or a black capo that somebody lost at the festival, please bring it along with you, and I will make sure they get it back. - Hunt

WASSUP4 News...

If you're not on Facebook, you may have missed some of this important news and links, so here is a poster that tells about what we do at WASSUP4, a tentative schedule of events, and links to the songs for the flash mob on Saturday afternoon.

Ukester Brown is coming to town! WASSUP4 has its headliner in place, and I am pleased to announce that Ukester Brown has agreed to come to Michigan to teach and perform at WASSUP4. The dates are Friday and Saturday, March 9th and 10th, 2018, so when Old Man Winter is just about ready to pack his bags and leave town, the Ukester (David Remiger) will be here to help usher in the ukulele festival season here in Michigan. Grab your 2018 calendar and block out the dates, and tell your family that you're going to be in Midland that weekend...

On-going monthly SUGAR activities:

1st Saturday of the month - Sullivan's Restaurant on Gratiot (M-46) from 10:30-noon.
1st Monday of the month - Bickford Cottage in Midland from 10:30-11:30 (excepting not New Year's Day 2018)
3rd Monday of the month - Bay Shores on Midland Rd. in Bay City from 3-4pm, and Krzysiak's from 5-6:30pm.

We got bumped from Midland Bickford this month and next, and were offered the date of Monday, October 2, 2017 at 10:30, so I took it.  Please scratch September 25th and October 23rd from your calendars, and add October 2nd.

ALSO, the new SUGAR song folder is available to download at 

I STRONGLY suggest downloading this version and then tossing the previous version, so we will all be on the same page(s) at future SUGAR events.

Thanks, Hunt

New SUGAR song folder, September 10th picnic news

Hi, Friends:

I have finished the project of updating the SUGAR digital songbook by adding some new songs, ditching some duplicated and unused songs, and just tidying things up.
I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you download the link called "All the SUGAR songs on Johnny's tablet - 9-3-17", and after doing so, discard the previous folder dated 3-??-17.
Here is the link to the new song folder we will be using from now into the foreseeable future:…/79rro5…/AACsB55syiUu9ADu_f5P-Jgua…
If you have problems, i will try to help you, but you are better off asking a millennial to help you, since I am not a computer guru. 
I hope to see you at our picnic on Sunday, September 10 at 1pm at Stratford Woods in Midland. This park is located on E. Ashman in Midland, just west of the US-10 overpass. You can access the park from Waldo Rd. by turning west on E. Ashman, and then taking the last driveway on the south side of E. Ashman before the overpass.

We will be having chicken and whatever you bring as a dish to pass shortly after 1, and will provide tableware and a few choices of drinks. Bring your uke and your updated tablet/binder with the new songs included, and we will make some music and offer anyone interested a turn at the mic.
August 2017 SUGAR happenings
Wednesday, 8-2-17 - Light Up the City walk in Old Town Saginaw - this is a luau-themed event, and we are to play at First Presbyterian Church on Court St., which is the hospitality center for this event from 5:30-6:30pm. We will use the Castle/Edson list for this outing.
Saturday, 8-5-17 - Sullivan's on Gratiot from 10:30-noon (regular monthly event).
Monday, 8-21-17 - Bay Shores on Midland Rd. in Bay City from 3-4pm, and then Krzysiak's from 5-6:30pm.
Thursday through Sunday, 8-24 to 8-27-17 - Midland Folk Music Festival at the Fairgrounds. We will playing Saturday night at dinner time before JH/S and the evening concert. More details as they become available.
Monday, 8-28-17 - Midland Bickford again, 10:30-11:30.


Got the urge to play your uke with other people, share songs, or learn some new techniques? SUGAR is the group for you!

Want to learn how play the ukulele? The PEANUT program will teach you how!

SUGAR - Saginaw Ukulele Gurus And Rookies

PEANUT - People Every Age Need Ukulele Training

Mission Statement: SUGAR was organized with two goals in mind:
  • Goal 1: Make music
  • Goal 2 Have fun making it!
EVERYONE IS WELCOME to join SUGAR - beginners, experts, curious folks, singers, listeners, and people who smell bad. Well, almost everyone is welcome...

You will be happy to know that brand new beginner ukes can be purchased for as little as $30-40, which is a small enough investment to try it out and see if this is something that you might enjoy. Depending on the group's needs, we can do some instruction, some performing, or whatever else we choose to do!

The songs that we will be singing and playing each month will be publicized well in advance giving you a chance to print them out, and even pr-pr-practice ahead of time if you wish. Feel free to email the SUGAR group leader at for information and help with downloading the group's songs. Come and share in the fun of strummin', singin', and playin' our ukuleles!
          First Saturday of the Month
10:30 am to 12:00 noon
Sullivan's Restaurant
5235 Gratiot Road, Saginaw, Michigan

Third Monday of the Month
5:00 pm to 6:30pm
Krzysiak's House 
1605 Michigan Ave., Bay City, Michigan

PEANUT group lessons are being offered this fall (September-December 2017) in Midland, Bay City, Saginaw, and at SVSU.  This five to six-week course will teach you some basic chords, and get you playing and singing right away!  Again, contact Johnny Hunt at

Some Summer SUGAR Sightings:

Friday, June 23rd - SUGAR is part of the Frankenmuth Fun Night program, and will be playing as a yet-unidentified spot along Main Street from 6-9pm.  Bring a chair, a music stand, and your SUGAR songbook/tablet along, and we'll just freestyle it and try to keep ourselves and any innocent by-standers entertained.  We may descend upon an unprepared restaurant afterward if anybody has any gas left in the tank after playing for three hours.  :-)

Monday, June 26th - the regularly-schedule stop at Bickford Midland (NE corner of Jefferson Ave. and Joe Mann Blvd.) will take place at 10:30-11:30, with optional lunch following.

Saturday, July 1st - SUGAR will meet as scheduled at Sullivan's on Gratiot from 10:30-noon, and do our thing.  

Thursday, July 6th - SUGAR will play at the Castle Museum in Saginaw (500 Federal St. on the friendly east side of town) from noon-12:45.  We will be using the patriotic/hula package of songs we used on the USS Edson, and I will be interjecting some ukulele history as part of the presentation as well, since I was asked when setting this up to do so.

Friday, July 7th - it's back to the mean streets of Frankenmuth for another installment of Friday Fun Night from 6-9pm.  Since it's July 4th weekend, we will include some patriotic music, as well as whatever else strikes our fancies.  
___________________________________________________ SUGAR plays at the USS Edson on Saturday, May 20th from 3-4pm.
Here is the package of songs to bring along:

If you're interested in touring the Edson before we play at 3, please let Dave Garn know (if you haven't done so already). E-mail Johnny for Dave's contact information if you need it. Thanks!
____________________________________________________________________ SUGAR shirts to be ordered soon... Do you need a SUGAR shirt like the one in all the pictures? If so, another batch of the Maui Blue polo shirts are going to be ordered soon.
See Katherine Machul at Sullivan's on Saturday, 5-6-17, or contact Katherine at to order and pay for your shirt. Sizes XS to XL are $21.00 and 2XL is $23.00.
Next stop on the 2017 uke circuit is Mighty Uke Day - May 12-14
SUGAR has a slot at 2pm in the open mic line-up on Saturday, May 13th, at Sir Pizza.  There is a also a group strum in the morning at Sir Pizza, and many other activities scheduled all weekend.  Here's the link for more information...

WASSUP3 is fast approaching!

What is up?  WASS is UP!  On Friday and Saturday, March 10th and 11th of 2017, SUGAR is presenting its third annual ukulele festival, which is free and open to all!

Here's a flyer that gives an outline of what is happening, and if you desire more details, contact Johnny Hunt at  Plan to be there!