Krzysiak's time change for

Wednesday, April 20, 2022!!!

They are having a funeral luncheon for 100 people at 3;30 on Wednesday, and so we are delaying everything for an hour and will meet at 5:30 (hoping that the funeral crowd is on their way by then). Play from 5:30-6:15, and play from 6:15-7:30 is the plan. Please pass the word, as I was just notified of this yesterday (Monday).

Well, it appears that we need to make an alteration in our schedule, since Cafe 989 is closing. Scratch Saturday, March 26th as well as future dates. I would like us to still have a presence in Saginaw - got any ideas? - Johnny Hunt


Enter the property by taking the driveway on the south side of the building, the side that is next to Nouvel High School. The portico is a porch type overhang where cars can drive up to pick up the residents. You can't miss it. There is parking right there. I'm not sure how it is marked. For those who have played with us before, it is the driveway on the other side of the building where the sign is. Because of Covid restrictions, all of the external entrances are now locked, except the main one we must go through.  Please check in at that front portico entrance and must wear face masks while walking in the Wellspring hallways but not while performing.


  1. Sugar Time

  2. Sentimental Journey

  3. Side By Side

  4. When The Red, Red Robin

  5. Any Time

  6. Carolina In The Morning

  7. Heart of My Heart

  8. Blame It On The Bossa Nova

  9. Ain't She Sweet

  1. Tennessee Waltz

  2. Bye Bye Blackbird

  3. Bill Bailey

  4. You Are My Sunshine

  5. Yellow Bird

  6. Love Letters In The Sand

  7. All of Me

  8. Five Foot Two

  9. It's Only A Paper Moon

  10. I've Been Workin' On The Railroad

  11. This Land Is Your Land

  12. This Little Light of Mine

  13. Happy Trails