Virtual Concert Performer Contact Information

A big thanks to all who attended our first virtual concert last night! Check here or on Facebook for updates on video availability. Currently, it is largely available on Facebook in the videos section in 2 parts. It will also become available as a Zoom recording and via our local public access channel MCTV.
Please consider following and purchasing from the artists via their contact information.
Thank you for supporting local folk music!

Contact information: 
 Alina McVittie 
Instagram @ acoustically_alina  
Alina has CDs of original and covers for sale. Contact her via email or Instagram to secure your copy. 

 Robin Abbott 
Instagram @robin.abbott_ 
Facebook @ Robin Abbott 

DeeDee Tibbits, Tom Krause, and Kelly Sible.
Sonas has 3 albums available online at and in CD form. Also find Sonas on Facebook.