Hey, there, in case you didn't know, ... it's FESTIVAL WEEK!

As I write this, the carnies are packing up and fixing to move on to the next town, and people like us are preparing to move in.  Please let the county fair people get out and on their way before chasing them off!  There will be plenty of great campsites available on Monday.  Don't give others a bad impression of the festival by shooing them away.  Thanks for that consideration...

I think of the Evart festival as the middle of summer, and the Midland festival as marking the end of summer.  So, by that reasoning, summer is winding to its end, and even if the calendar still says summer for three more weeks, Labor Day and the start of school come the following week, and those are signs of autumn's approach.

As you get your ribbon for the 2015 festival this week, please consider this perspective, too...  i
f you're not an FMSM member yet, I would encourage you to join our organization.  It's not so much that there are tons of personal benefits to be had from joining, but your membership helps support all the things that FMSM does to be able to do things like the festival that we all enjoy.  Individual memberships are $12/year, and get you a $5 discount on festival admission ($5 instead of the $10 non-member cost), and family memberships are $18/year, and also get your family members (but not your cousins and in-laws!) into the festival for $5.  

Thanks, and here's to a fun-filled week together!